President Sandy Stewart called the 22nd meeting of the 27th year of La Quinta Rotary to order at 12:15.


President Sandy opens the meeting and makes the announcements


We did have a couple of visiting Rotarians- Abraham from Tiburon joined us again; Jerry Kress (our speaker) of the Palm Desert Palms to Pines Club with his grandson Adam Kress.


Nicole Taylor was introduced by Wells Marvin as part of his corporate group.  Nicole has been a part of the Rotary family in other clubs.


Frank Blum was visiting us for lunch and some catching up- welcome Frank!



·         Thanks to Doug and Carole Motz for opening their home for the Christmas Party Dec 13th- a good time was had by all.  Also, a big thank you to Boucher Fine Jewelers for the raffle prize valued at $2700 retail which Jennifer Donais won.  The raffle raised $640.

·         Our Resident Flock Master wasn’t around but word on the street is that they landed in Allan Levin’s yard and he paid his $35 dues to get them removed.  They will be back en route very soon.

·         Tour De Palm Springs- Corry Hunter gave us the update on this event.  Looking for two more people with trucks and hitches (need to be four doors) for February 7th and 8th- 6 hours on Friday starting at 6am for set up and then clean up on Saturday.  Please contact Corry to sign up.  Also, Corry will send out the code for people to use when they sign up so that Rotary will get its credit.

·         Next Board Meeting is January 15at the usual time and place….Boucher Fine Jewelers

·         Dave Turner gave us an update on the Strut your Mutt event coming up March 29th.  Committee chairs are starting their tasks and there are some corporate sponsorships in the works which Dave will update us after the first of the year when he has firm commitments.

·         Sandy Stewart gave us an update on the Water Project.  There has been $7000 raised to kick off the next phase and there will be a plaque presentation at each park in January- more to come.

·         Nick Kraushaar gave us good news on the Mock Trial competition this year.  It usually is just him and the teacher organizer for the group but this year they are honored to have 2 Superior Court Judges and one Prosecutor involved.

·         Lothar Vasholz- gave us update on bell ringing and said it has been successful and he will have numbers for us after the first of the year.

·         The Artisan Studio Gala is Jan 11th. We hope to have a Rotary table- please see Helen Anderson if you would like to attend.

·         End of January Ladies Social at Artisan Studio- date To Be Announced.  Wives of Rotarians are welcome also.



Wes Faris and family help with the Bell Ringing!


Diane Kelly also helps out Ring'n Dem Bells!


The raffle winner was only a $5 winner so bring your extra bucks for the next meeting- the pot is growing quite large!!!!


Allan Levin took to the podium to punish all good deeds and then some: Doug Motz was penalized for missing a board meeting, then un-penalized, then donated for that and the Hops & Props success (which we have misplaced the check but hope to have in the bank account soon).  Lothar Vasholz was fined for his 59th wedding anniversary as was Nick Kraushaar for his and Marsha’s anniversary.  Bret Anderson and Jennifer Donais submitted to the cause for their own birthdays and LeRoy Anderson and JimBo Dorr gave for their wives’ birthdays.  Wells Marvin donated to the cause for his picture in the newspaper.   Dave Turner donated some happy dollars as both his 8yr old and 12 yr old grandsons made it into their age group superbowls in their football leagues.   LeRoy Anderson made an additional contribution of happy dollars for the success of the Hops and Props event- he had fun!  Bruce Franklin was fined also but the scribe failed to take notes as to what his good or not so good deed was ….  Jennifer Donais gave some happy dollars for her raffle winning at the Christmas Party- a blue topaz necklace and set of earrings.  Thank you Baird for your generous donation to the Club causes.



Football Referee Jerry Kress demonstrates how he saw the games!


Our speaker today was Jerry Kress, a Rotarian with 30 years of perfect attendance, a Paul Harris fellow, and a retired high school football referee who lives here in the desert and is part of the PD Palms to Pines Club.  Jerry had many stories for us about his time in the referee uniform and explained some of the tools he used- bean bag, finger whistle, weighted flag, stop watch, coin for coin toss, rubber band worn on hand for number of downs, etc.  He also explained there are 48 signals in high school football and that the main goal in the mechanics of the group is to triangulate the play.  He spoke to us about some of the logistics of the game as well as some of the human elements with his stories.  Thank you Jerry for taking the time to share with us.


President Sandy Stewart closed out the meeting with the four way test at 1:30.




Editor's note:  Thank you Jennifer Donais for filling in for Merv this week at the last minute for the newsletter!  Great Job Jennifer!