Wells is met at the greeting table by Baird, Doug and Ed

The meeting was opened by President Sandy Stewart leading the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, followed by an invocation by Lothar Vasholz.  Visiting Rotarians were Diana Weaver; Shane Archer, the son of absent Rotarian, David Archer; Rick Gross, DDS (Orthodontist), a frequent visitor from Wuppertal, Germany; and Dean Apple, a magician and resident of La Quinta, as the guest of Bruce Cathcart. Several more guests announced their presence, but the sound of their voices was lost in the vocal exuberance of our fellow Rotarians.



President Sandy making this week's announcements


President Sandy announced the induction of our two most recent new members, Linda and Gary Tyer.  The Tyer's, already deeply enmeshed  in our "Strut Your Mutt" Dog show preparations, were roundly applauded.  Gary is the founder and owner of a software and business consulting firm, and Linda, born and raised in Hawaii, was actively employed in the school systems there, prior to moving to the 'mainland' in recent months.   Linda praised our Club for our "Spirit of Aloha" (friendliness and acceptance of newcomers).  Welcome and congratulations to Gary and Linda!  Both were presented with Membership Certificates and Red Badges.


Our Raffle Drawing was held for the "Pot" amount of $332.00, however, usually lucky fellow Rotarian, Adrian Gysi, struck it rich for only the $5.00 minimum!


Bruce Cathcart played "FineMeister" today, in lieu of the usually merciless, Allan Levin.  Cathcart quickly nailed "U.S.C. Watty" for wife Mary's birthday, caught Merv Kolb for $5.00, and Joe Lamantia for $10.00 for marginal infractions.  Gary and Linda Tyer were each slammed for $10.00 each selling them their new name badges! (not even such enthusiastic new members get cut any slack under the evil jurisdiction of Cathcart!)  Dr. Rick Gross tossed in $2.00 because he enjoys receiving informative E-Mails from LQ Rotary.


Walter Keating popped up and volunteered to pay $100.00 for us to use his old tee sign for hanging on the fence at the upcoming Dog Show.  Thanks, Walter, for your generosity.


A nice young man popped up from the rear of the room and announced he was David Archer's son, but had not been properly introduced.


Joe LaMantia announced the club's urgent need to borrow for two more "easy-up" portable tents for Saturday's Strut-Your-Mutt Dog Show.. Please mark them with your name and phone number, and drop them off at the show venue on Saturday morning before 9:00 AM.  Joe also appealed for two erstwhile and stout Rotarians to volunteer for the job of "Jewelry Guards" at the Show venue.  Bruce Franklin also needs more Dog Show help at Rotary's membership table.


President Sandy was a guest on the "Bulldog" Bill Feingold radio show, and was proud to see the excitement which Feingold holds for his position as the Dog Show Host, "live-on-the-air" on Saturday at our upcoming Show.


Sandy urges all Rotarians to block their calendars for attending the District Conference and Golf Tournament May 2-5.  Watch for details in your E-Mail.



Sandy in Guatemala sharing some March Madness love

with our GLP Students


Helen Anderson discussed the Dedication Ceremony of last week end for the trailer park where we installed the highly effective and potentially life-saving water filter systems.  All of the residents there expressed their profound appreciation for Rotary's generosity with their time and money to accomplish this worthy project.

We will be doing an additional 3 parks, and Senator Barbara Boxer has announced her hearty support for this program.



Favorite server Amy with Cabo Style fish tacos


Wells Marvin announced that this coming Saturday is the last "Art Under The Umbrellas" event to be held this season.  He welcomes all the Rotarians, saying, "All are Free" this week.



Favorite Server Shirle with Classic Chicken Caesar Salads


Bruce Underwood announced the nominations for our club's slate of officers for the Rotary year 2014-15, starting in June.

Nominees are: 

President: Corry Hunter

President Elect: Doug Motz

Treasurer: Tom McDermott

Secretary: Baird Boucher

The slate of officers for election was agreed upon and approved by the membership in attendance (a quorum), and the election was held by voice vote with all approved unanimously.

Congratulations to our new Officers!  Many thanks for your service!



President Sandy with our speaker Kajsa Thuresson-Frary



Our speaker for this Day was Ms. Kajsa Thuresson-Frary, the talented, motivated  and delightful Director of Education for the McCallum Theatre Institute.  The Institute is the fast-growing and universally well-accepted, highly praised community educational outreach arm of the McCallum, with the mission to bring an appreciation and knowledge of the arts to all grade-school and high school students in our greater desert area.  The goal is to reach the 40,000 students in this area, and the McCallum Board has allocated $1.1 million to this ambitious activity for the coming year.  In the 2013-14 year they have shared this wonderful program with 29 schools across our valley by partnering with teachers, reaching 7,470 students in 240 classrooms in grades 1-5, and conducted 1700 workshops this year alone.  A remarkable achievement and utilization of the McCallum resource for our community.

President Sandy closed the meeting with the four way test.





This newsletter was written by Andy Lorenz