The first meeting of December (12/2/11) was opened by President David Archer.  The flag salute was led by Doug Motz and Tom McDermott gave us wise words of wisdom and prayer.   A moment of silence was had in memory of  La Quinta executives Tom Genovese and Stan Sniff  who passed away recently.  Also the Club mourns for the loss of member Diane Kelly's son, Robert, who also passed within the last few weeks.
We had  four visiting Rotarian from Washington and California.  Lee Osborne introduced a guest, Jay Garner, from One West Bank.
Announcements included:
The Holiday Party is next Saturday, December 10th at Dick and Victory Grund's home.  More information can be found on our website or  contact Sandy Lauer with any questions.
Jim Dorr discussed the "Tabs for Tots" program.  Bring all the tabs you can from the cola and beer cans.   More info to follow as well as on the website.  Jim promises us lesson shortly on the proper way to remove the tabs!!
Dick Jandt,  the main dude in charge of the Salvation Army bell ringing, is looking for volunteers to help out next Saturday at Trader Joe's. 
Corry Hunter discussed the Tour of Palm Springs event and that 15 members will be needed to help park cars.  The Club stands to make needed dollars by volunteering, having participating bicyclists designate  La Quinta Rotary when they pay and by selling raffle tickets.  

Next week, December 9th is "Election Day" for the Club.  New officers will be announced.
December 16th the Club is honored to have our District Governor.
President David also announced that the Club will be DARK  (i.e. NO MEETINGS)
on both December 23rd and December 30th.
A battle for the fine free badge for December was had between Tom McDermott,  Jim Dorr and Dave Turner...with the winner being Jim Dorr.
President David took over as Finemaster.  "Contributions "were made by Lee Osborne, Dave Turner & Don Adolph for birthdays, a new car and for the battle of Los Angeles between USC and UCLA.   Also contributions were made for no makeups by Nick Kraushaar, Mike Sutton and Greg Lane.  Happy Dollars were paid for the winning Denver Broncos (President David) and for the upcoming cataract surgery for Rey Neufeld.   Also contributing was new member, Marc Rosen, who transferred to our Club from Northern California.
The speaker was Jennie Kelly, Director of the Salton Sea History Museum at the North Shore.  The museum opened in May, 2010 and has had over 17,000 visitors.  There is wonderful bird watching as more than 400 species migrate through. The Salton Sea is part of the Pacific Flyway.  More events will be announced.
The meeting ended with the recitation of the Four Way Test.
Editor's note:  Each member should check their profile on our website.  We are getting a number of "bounce backs" from emails indicating an incorrect address.