President David called the meeting to order at 12:15 with our newest member Raymond Gregory leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance and our Past President Dan Fissori giving the invocation.  We had a smaller than normal group with no visiting Rotarians and no guests.


President David made a few announcements:

Correction to last week’s report on the money raised for the tree:  there is $450 needed and just over $200 was raised last week.  A contribution basket was sent around again this week to get us closer to that goal- an additional $120 was raised.

Dates to remember:

                        October 12th at 8 am is the next board meeting at Chamber Offices

                        November 4-6 is the District Conference

                        December 16th- Our District Governor Steve Wallace will be here


Greg Lane, our membership committee chair, welcomed Ray Gregory, La Quinta Police Chief as our newest member.  His membership was sponsored by Frank Blum.  Ray is originally from the Phoenix area (Glendale) and has been in the Coachella Valley since 1998.  He and his husband Eric live in Cathedral City and have two grown children and one three year old grandchild.  He holds a Bachelors degree and Masters Degree in Management which helps him in his occupation now.  Also, he likes to travel in his motor home and does have some rental properties which keep him busy.  We welcome Ray to our club.


Our raffle winner was Bruce Underwood winning a whopping $5.  He gave it back to the club in happy dollars later in the meeting for his alma mater Kansas having a winning football record after two games.  With that, our fine master Alan Levine took the podium and gathered for many no makeups, birthdays, being late for meeting, anniversaries,  publicity in the paper, and a plaque to Palmer Riedel found in storage from 2006 for his service as a Board Member.   Also, congratulations to Adrian Gysi and his wife for 55 years of holy matrimony. 

Dick Jandt did a quick straw poll on whether or not the members thought it was a worthwhile effort to be part of the bell ringing this year for the Salvation Army?  The majority of people in the room raised their hands. 


Bruce Cathart did a public service announcement about the gun speaker last week.  Having a firearm is a tremendous responsibility and care should be taken to stay out of harm’s way first and use the weapon as a last resort.


Our speaker this week was member Lothar Vasholz of the Salvation Army.  Some of the highlights included the levels of management with the organizational structure being fairly flat allowing them to keep salaries very low.  Their use of funds reflects this with 83 cents of every dollar being used for social services, 12 cents going towards administration, and 5 cents towards fund raising.    One of the new programs they have undertaken was the (VEAP) Alliance that helps making veterans benefits easier and less frustrating to access.   They have built a network/alliance of over 200 agencies which meets regularly to maximize capabilities while minimizing duplication of effort. One way to provide this information to Veterans is with an annual Veterans EXPO which is October 29, 2011 this year.  They also have direct interaction with key legislators on Veterans issues.  They have established a referral/service center which will be staffed by volunteer Advocates with a database of services to match to the need(s) the Veteran may have. The volunteers will then follow up to see if Veterans were able to get the help they needed and if not, assist in finding another option for them.  There is also a Soldier Need Program to support Active Duty Military in War Zones which provides items such as white sweat socks and wet wipes- very simple things that are in great need by our troops in the Middle East war zone.  Lothar then had a short question and answer session.


President David Archer concluded the meeting with the Four Way Test.