It was a beautiful Friday in La Quinta, and we had a great turnout for our rotary meeting.  President David led the flag salute which was followed by an invocation from Walter Keating.  We welcomed visiting Rotarians from Olympia, WA and Indio.  We were happy to see past Rotarian Tom Kirk.  He was a guest of Robert Wilkinson, but Robert forgot to introduce him.  Alan took note of that later in the meeting.

Helen Anderson gave a report on the first Rotary International Zone Peace Conference that she attended last weekend in Palm Springs.  The keynote speaker was the grandson of Ghandi.   The club had a display on the Guatemala Literacy Project.  A number of other district clubs had international project displays as well.

Our Holiday Party is just around the corner on December 10th.  You can sign up on our website, respond to the “e-vite” or sign up at the club meeting.

Corry Hunter reported on our fund raising opportunity with the Tour de Palm Springs.  We will need about 15 club volunteers over a two day period to help with parking.  We may also work a water station along the cycling route.

Dick Jandt is looking for some “ding a lings”.  He needs bell ringers for the Salvation Army collection station at Trader Joe’s.  You can sign up for a time on the website.

Jim Dorr is spearheading the Pop Top Collection.  Save those tabs from your beer and soda cans and bring them to the Rotary meeting for collection.  There is big money in those little aluminum tabs.

Walter Keating announced that the Keatings will once again open their home to Rotarians to view the Humana Challenge (Bob Hope Classic) from their home on the 10th green.  The dates are January 21st and 22nd.  Please let Walter know if you plan on attending.

Dan Fissori drew a white ball in our raffle.

Sergeant at Arms Alan caught up on a large number of no make ups.  Wells made a pitch for “Art Under the Umbrellas”, Robert’s son got married, Palmer had a ringing phone and Ed became a great grandfather.  David and Jeff offered happy dollars, as well.

Our scheduled speaker, Tim Evans, founder of The Unforgetables Foundation, was unable to be with us.  However Susie did a fine job as his stand in.  She gave us an update on the progress of the Foundation.  Founded in 1999, the Foundation’s mission is to assist low-income families in providing a dignified, appropriate burial for their children who have died.  The Foundation also provides grief counseling to surviving family members.  It is the only service of its kind in the country, serving Riverside, Orange and San Bernadino counties.   

At the conclusion of the meeting, President David wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels for those visiting family out of the area.  We are dark next Friday, November 25th.