"When the red red robin, goes bob bob bobbin along"....
The venue changed this past Friday to the Red Robin restaurant in La Quinta but the fellowship and spirit was still there.  This will be the new meeting place for the next 3-4 weeks. 

President Robert Wilkinson welcomed Fellow Rotarians.  Andy Brakebill led us in the salute to the Flag and Doug Motz gave us some words of inspiration.
Visitors included a Rotarian, Jay, from San Ramon Valley along with his wife Peggy and sister Cora.
Dick Anderson, a member of the Trilogy community,  discussed the fact that his community is interested in getting internet streaming of the La Quinta City Council meetings.  He is searching for other homeowner associations to help with the costs.  Contact Dick for further info.
The next Rotary Board meeting  is Wednesday, August 22nd at Homewood Suites. The time is 5:30pm.
It was announced that the "birds" being sent to various homes are in David Archer's possession and that all members should be alert to the fact that they might show up at your home.
President Robert announced that Carol Ramirez, (La Quinta High School head counselor and Rotary friend) is doing research into how the recipients of our scholarship funds have done--i.e. college graduation, employment, etc.
The District Conference is scheduled for October  27th, 28th and 29th.
Joe Lamantia is leading  a Rotary Foundation workshop  on Friday at 6:30pm at the Red Robin.  More info to follow.
The "black ball" was picked by Doug Motz.  It was worth over $200.  We start anew next week.
Our sergeant at arms, Allan,  appeared at  the podium. With the new surroundings and table set ups, he found it difficult to get the attention he so well deserves...
After requesting " a minimum of decorum" those in attendance noticed him.
He then proceeded with the following financial recognitions.
Presenting Wes Faris with his new Rotary badge. 
Doug Motz paid a few $$$'s for pulling the black ball as well as for the Charger's exhibition win the previous night.
Allan continued recognition for:
Bruce Cathcart's birthday and Andy and Jan Brakebill's anniversary
Phil Rushing gave Happy Dollars for visiting the 9/11 Memorial in New York
and Don Adolph gave up some funds for a new car.
This intrepid reporter was asked to sing "When the Red Red Robin...." which he
did and both he and the requester (Dick Jandt) contributed to the cause.
Sandy Steward gave some funds for a trip to Northern California.
The speaker was Andrea Spirtos, Executive Director of the Tour de Palm Springs.
Andrea thanked the Club for our past assistance the weekend of the tour, mentioned that a suggested "Beer Garden" will probably not happen and asked for the Club's help in the February 2013 tour.  They are looking for the Club's help in becoming the Route Committee.  More info on that to follow.
This reporter thought the venue was more than adequate, the chicken salad was very good, the dessert was adequate, the service was good although some members didn't get served for a while.

The meeting ended with the reciting of the 4-Way test.