Andy, Marc, Tom, Doug and Diane at the greeting table


President Sandy Stewart called the 14th meeting of the 27th year of the Rotary Club of La Quinta to order at 12:15.  Merv Kolb led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Sandy Lauer gave the invocation.


We did have a couple of visiting Rotarians but the scribe this week had a snafu with her recorder app so no names to report.




                                     President Sandy making this week's announcements




·         Myna Weaver has been approved as a new Member of La Quinta Rotary.- welcome to the club.  She will be inducted November 1st along with Elisa Silva, Vanessa Barajas, and Chris McCullough.  Our District Governor will be here that day also and will induct our new members.

·         Welcome back Ray Neufeld- glad to see you’re out and about after surgery.

·         Great turnout for the members cooking hotdogs at the Veteran Expo October 12 led by Chef Allen Levin. Thanks to all who participated for helping a good cause.

·         Saturday October 19th at 5pm will be the dedication of Steve Robbins tree. Corry Hunter gave the details

·         1st Annual Patriot Ride for Heroes is Saturday, October 26th in LQ.

·         Club Assembly is scheduled for October 25th.

·         March to End Polio scheduled for October 26-27 at the Western Regional Little League Field in San Bernardino.

·         The garage sale will be November 9th in the Lumpy’s parking lot.  There was discussion about if tables will be provided.  If you want a table set up in your space, the fee is $15 and will need to be coordinated ahead of time per Bruce Cathcart.

·         Jim and Karen Dorr will host the Duct Social November 16th

·         The Foundation Gala is November 16th at the National Orange Show in San Bernardino

·         Board Meeting is scheduled for October 20th at Osborne Rincon office.

·         Hops & Props Beer Garden is Saturday, November 23rd at the Palm Springs Air Museum.  Please see Allen Levin to sign up for the sale of beer….

·          December 13th the Holiday Rotary Party will be hosted by Doug & Carol Motz


La Quinta Rotarians enjoying each their lunches


Joe LaMantia- spoke about Paul Harris giving and asked for a show of hand for anyone that needed an automatic debit form- this is the easiest way to give.  Every new donor that signs up will receive a bottle of wine.

Dick Anderson spoke about the East Valley water project.  Four trailer parks affecting over 300 men, women, and children now have cleaner water as a result of the filters removing the dangerous arsenic and fluoride levels.  Dick reaffirmed that this water project will continue as there are many others that need assistance in this area.  Thank you Dick for your tireless work on this project!  Thanks to your leadership Rotary is making a huge difference in our own backyard.

Helen Anderson spoke briefly about the Guatemala Literacy Project and announced that Sandy Lauer will be making the trip with them this year.


Sandy Lauer spoke about Rotary shirts.  If you have a shirt that you would like embroidered with the La Quinta Rotary info on it, please see Sandy.


Our raffle drawing had Judith Redwine as the $5 winner.


Favorite server Ray with Seafood Gumbo and grilled cheese sandwiches


Favorite Finemaster Allan Levin prepares to recognize club members


Allen Levin took to the podium and collected from many this week for no makeups, birthdays, being late, anniversaries and anything else he could pull out of his sleeve.  The club expressed a big welcome back to Judith Redwine and Marc Rosen who have been gone a good part of the last six months.  They of course were asked to contribute to the cause and both were most generous.  The scribe again doesn’t have all the transgressions to list as her memory isn’t worth much without the recording.


Our speaker this day Michael Myers a LiveWell Clinic hypnotist


Our speaker today was Michael Myers of Live Well Clinic.  Michael does hypnotherapy and educated us a bit on the fact that we are all in a hypnotic state of some degree every day.  Michael took us through an exercise of changing our state of mind simply by closing our eyes. 


Favorite Rotarian Greg Lane in a deep hypnotic state

Michael treats issues such as smoking and overeating but also does an in depth treatment series on the mental game of golf.  He spoke about the professional athletes and their use of hypnotherapy.  He invited all rotarians to try his group meditation sessions at a discounted rate at the LiveWell Clinic.  To learn more about Michael Myer and the LiveWell Clinic go their website at


President Sandy Stewart closed out the meeting with the four way test at 1:30.


Editor's note:  The tree planting ceremony was held last Saturday afternoon at the top of the La Quinta Cove where family, friends and fellow Rotarians of Steve Robbins gathered to celebrate the memory of Steve.  It was a a great event and tribute to Steve.


The Robbins Family



Corry Hunter at Steve's tree holding Steve's old badge