President Sandy opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, ably assisted with the Invocation by Lothar Vasholz.  It was noted that Doug Motz and Corry Hunter were not in attendance, and that the result was a total lack of availability of change, raffle tickets, and lunch tickets.



Conspicuous by their absence were Corry and Doug!

Robert Wilkinson immediately stepped in to organize the lunch payment activities, and wrote down the various members’ food selections by hand on notepads, until such time as the proper forms were made available by Corry.  Apparently there had been a breakdown in staffing and the lack of a contingency plan for the mechanics of the meeting.  All seemed to be solved and moving smoothly by +/-12:15.  Guests were Myrna, our potential corporate member for Rudy’s Pest Control, and a yet to be named guest Rotarian Phil whose last name was inaudible in the din of discussion over the lunch ordering procedures.


Myrna Weaver would make a lovely addition as our newest corporate member

President Sandy was excited to report the outstanding success of our ‘Mix and Mingle’ event of Monday night at the Cliffhouse.  Contributing to the success was the surprisingly abundant attendance by the members and friends of the LQ Chamber, and seemingly numerous others who joined the festivities.  Sandy reported 70 attendees, with 60 for dinner at the Mexican Buffet.   Total revenues collected and paid to the Cliffhouse was $641.97 for food, and Rotary profited by approximately $765.00 on the Raffle of donated items.  Rotary will benefit into the future because of the ‘Points’ earned in Pacifica Restaurant’s loyalty program - which will be credited against our regular lunch expenses into the immediate future.  Great program!

Special praise was heaped upon Diane Kelly for her organizing the Raffle, and to Sandy Lauer for her able assistance.  Tom McDermott was also lauded for his generous time contribution collecting the monies and payments at this event.  President Sandy won the lovely Sterling Silver bracelet which she had coveted at first sight!  Return of our Snowbird Rotarian visitors has been noted, and we look forward to many more as fall arrives in the coming weeks.

Upcoming Events

A Board meeting has been scheduled at Oswald and Rincon’s offices for 5:30PM on 10/16.  Our Club Assembly will be held on Friday, October 25 in conjunction with our regular meeting of that day.

The annual Veterans Expo. Will be held at the Indio Fairgrounds, October 12th, where Rotary will again do the hot-dog concession. 

Our annual Garage Sale will be held on November 9th at the Boucher Jewelry/Lumpy’s Golf  shopping center.  Come Early, Come All, and bring your saleable items!

Our District Governor will join us at the regular meeting of Friday, Nov. 1st.  Board members are asked to arrive 1 hour early that day to assist in these activities, briefing the Governor on our club’s past and future activities.

We will sell Beer at the Palm Springs Air Museum’s “Hops and Props” event on November 23rd.  We will be needing volunteers to assist in that event.

Our winter season Holiday Party will be held at Doug and Carol Motz’s home, December 13.  Additional information and directions are forthcoming.

Someone asked after the whereabouts of the “Flamingo flock: in recent weeks.  Tom McDermott, at whose home they last appeared, volunteered the information: “They are Migrating North”.

Dick Anderson reported that we had donated and installed a Refrigeration Unit at the Galilee Center, and that District 5330 has agreed to match this donation with a $2500 contribution to our scholarship program!  Rotarians cheered that achievement by Dick’s Water Project committee.


Dick, Gloria and the new refrigeration unit

Helen Anderson reported that a remarkable 400 Rotary Clubs, worldwide, have participated in the Guatemala Literacy project to date.  In this regard, a Club from Grand Cayman, in the Cayman Islands, is auctioning off an $8,075.00 luxury vacation at one of the Island’s top resorts, including a catamaran sailing activity, and many other fabulous attractions, and of course, the remarkable climate, snorkeling and scuba diving, said to be, “best in the world”.  Tickets are $20.00 each, available on-line.  Additional information may be had by visiting:



Our favorite server Ray with today's grilled salmon salad

Allan Levin-Finemaster Activities:

Lothar Vasholz volunteered to pay $10 for a recent trip to Denver. Myrna, our future corporate member (Rudy’s Pest Control) volunteered to pay $5.00 because her name was misspelled in the flurry of emails announcing her proposed corporate membership to Rotary, and Allan also fined Sandy Stewart $5.00 because it was actually her fault!   Dan Fissori was forewarned that he needed to seriously consider buying the “Fine Free” badge for October, as his wife “TC’s” upcoming birthday was otherwise going to be expensive.  Dan declined, but said he would buy it next week.  Corry Hunter, after his excessively late arrival, was fined a total of $16.00!   Bruce Franklin contributed $10.00 because it was his sister’s birthday this week!   (Very generous of you Bruce.  Perhaps this should set a precedent for Rotarians to honor family members in addition to spouses or “significant others”.)


Baird and President Sandy

Our speaker this day was Rotary Club of La Quinta member Baird Boucher, the owner of Boucher Wholesale Jewelers in La Quinta

Prefacing his remarks about the trials and tribulations of the Jewelry business, Baird made an offer to all Rotarians to pay all their fines for the 4th quarter of the year, if they become a Boucher customer between now and the end of the year, even for birthdays and anniversaries - if they fall within that time.  He also offers a 20% Rotary Discount on top of that offer!

Baird began his discussion of his business with a little background on himself and his beginnings in Santa Barbara in the watch and jewelry business.

He cautioned and advised everyone to have watches, particularly high value ones, cleaned and serviced at least every 5 years.  He also discussed diamonds, the values of gold, and overall clues to quality of manufacture in fine jewelry.


In describing the perils and risks of being a wholesale jewelry travelling salesman, he related several stories about him and his wife, Lauren, being robbed while on sales trips, and the particular risks incurred when calling on customers in the greater Los Angeles area!  It is interesting to know that thieves are so devious, it is not unusual for them to covertly install a GPS signaling device on a salesman’s car so the salesman could be tracked, and his car ultimately burglarized.  The Boucher’s are still working to recover full value from Lloyd’s of London for a one million dollar loss in a robbery over a year ago!

Baird was a very good speaker and it is always to great to hear from and learn more about one of our own club members.  Great job Baird and thamk you for your very generous offer to our other club members.  I know we all wish you good luck and great success with your business!

President Sandy closed the meeting with the four way test.


This newsletter was written by Andy Lorenz