President Robert opened the meeting at 12:15 and led the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the invocation delivered by Lothar Vasholz.

Ian, a visitor from Palm Desert Rotary Club, announced their club’s upcoming fundraising event.

Bruce Cathcart announced the upcoming Club Social Event to be held at the site of the Jack Abels Tree Monument,October 6th at 5:00 PM, top of the cove, Palm Oasis, La Quinta.  Refreshments will be served.

Joe Lamantia spoke of the upcoming TRF District Volunteer Workshop to be held Friday, Oct. 19th, to be held at the Red Robin.  The event starts with Dinner ‘on you own’, 5:30 TO 6:30, followed by the meeting at 6:30. He passed out a pamphlet to each member detailing this event.  This is an important event in support of our Foundation, and all members should attend.

The monthly Board of Directors meeting will be held on Wed., Oct. 17th, 5:30 PM, Lee Osborne’s office, “Osborne and Rincon”, 79-245 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 101 (east off Adams - past the Post Office).  The main focus of this meeting will be our budget, and the need for a major fund-raising event in the coming few months.

President Robert described an unusual personal experience he was part of 30 years ago in Eugene, OR.  It turned out to be a “leg pulling”, tear jerking” Shaggy Dog Story, but “almost” believable, as it was so well done by our Thespian Pres.The weekly raffle prize was again carried over to next week, after Jo Lamantia was a $5 winner.

Everyone is requested to “Pay Your Dues” when you receive (previously sent to all in June) the appropriate invoice from Corry in the mail by this next week.

Corry Hunter and wife, Kirsten, were blessed with a new baby boy this past week.  His name is “Brock Steven”. 

Member Judith Redwine is recovering from recent heart by-pass surgery, and doing well, as reported by Dick Anderson.

Fines for the Day:  B. Cathcart, Acting Finemeister.  Dr. Bruce Underwood coughed up $10 for some “no-makeups”, followed by Bruce Franklin with $2.00 for a disputed infraction.  Nick Kraushaar contributed $10, and Brett Anderson was fined $20, also for “missed meetings”.  Andy Lorenz forfeited $50 as a penalty for enjoying a recent Danube river cruise from Prague to Budapest with wife, Sally.  Robert Wilkinson was hit for $2.00 for another bad joke, this one about his son’s “Full Ride” (actually in a car - with Dad) from La Quinta to Eugene.  Joe Lamantia contributed $5 for passing out advertising materials (cute “Post-It” notes), io behalf of his employer, the Gribow Law Firm.



Member Bob Wright presented the plight and needs for funding and support of the Desert Sands Unified School District Foundation, a 501-C3, of which he is Founder and Chairman.  He reviewed the many challenges faced by our local schools in the faltering economy, and fiscal management problems in education largely emanating from Sacramento.  Funding cuts and corresponding decreases in school class sizes, facilities maintenance, and cancelled programs, are decimating our schools.  Cuts have been made on such things funding for libraries, arts and music programs, and a reduction of Counselors - in face of seriously increasing needs, creating an untenable situation.  DSUSD is presently $59 Million underfunded for the coming 5 years.  Bob compared the cost cuts to education and the ensuing “drop-out” rates from the schools, with the huge concurrent increases in costs to operate our California prison system.  Interestingly, one year of keeping an inmate in our prisons is costing taxpayers approximately double the amount of money it takes to attend Harvard University for one year.  Bob asks, “What’s wrong with that picture?”

President Robert closed the meeting with the Four Way Test.

Editor's Note:  Forwarned is forarmed.  If you have not yet paid your Club dues, now would be a really good time to do it.  For those who ignore this very gentle reminder, you will receive a very not so gentle reminder in the next two weeks.