After a month of Red Robin-ing the Club returned on September 7th to a newly decorated Cliff House.   There was substantial work done to the restaurant including a new living room for Happy Hour, a new bar and a redone dining room. The only downside is that the rest rooms are much further away.  So those of you in need  (read seniors) of a quick relief station, advance planning will need to be done.
President Robert Wilkinson called the meeting to order and noted that there is no microphone.  It appears that there was no electrical outlet installed in the redo.
David Turner led the Flag Salute and Lother Vasholz gave us, as he usually does, fine words of prayer and wisdom.
Visiting Rotarians introduced included Ian Helmstradter, a former member and officer of our Club, and now  from Palm Desert noon and Art Jones, also from the same Club.  Leroy Anderson introduced a guest, Steve.
Announcements were made:
President Robert  announced that the goal for Paul Harris giving (as set by the District Governor) for the year is $280 per member.
September 19th...Board meeting at Lee Osborne's conference room.   On September 12th a special committee will review the budget for the coming fiscal year and report to the Board.
October 19th...District meeting re: Foundation.  More info to follow.
The President asked "where are the birds"?   More to follow on that but it can be asked  "what birds?  do they make a mess?   Also needed, per President Robert, are chairpersons for a possible golf tournament and Lobster Fest.
Doug Motz announced he had Rotary decals for sale.  He also has badge decals for Paul Harris Fellows. 
Corry Hunter, Club representative to the Tour de Palm Springs,will need help for the February event.  The event offers a great way to get contributions for the Club.  A discussion was had on the role of Interact students re: scholarships.   More to follow on this item.
Corry also announced that our past president and good friend Steve Robbins is in the hospital awaiting a bone marrow transplant, scheduled for September 22nd. The Club wishes Steve and his family our best thoughts as he battle cancer.
Phil Rushing had the lucky number today but pulled a "white"  marble.
Allan Levin took charge of the meeting and auctioned off the fine free badge.  After some spirited bidding, Corry Hunter topped the offers.  Recognitions went to Leroy Anderson, Robert Wilkinson, Bruce Cathcart, Frank Blum, Cindy Hall, Dan Fissori,  Adrian Gysi, Doug Motz, Ian Helmstradter, Phil Rushing and Merv Kolb.  Contributions were made for birthdays, anniversaries, trips, makeups,  upcoming football games and one for "a certain pretty waitress." Adrian gave a wonderful contribution for birthdays, anniversary and trips as he's leaving us for a few months.
The speaker, introduced by Bob Wright, was Lisa Houston, President and Chief Executive Officer of FIND (Food in Need of Distribution.)  The areas of food distribution go from Cabazon to Blythe and from Anza to the High Desert.  The Group covers 115 agencies and serves 80,000 people monthly from a 36,000 square food warehouse.  FIND services families, seniors, children, the homeless and anyone else who can't afford food.  Many of these, particularly seniors, have limited resources and pay their utility bills and medical costs, leaving themselves without money for food.  Lisa stated that 46% of participants are children and only 7% are homeless.  Many working families can't make it on their wages for an entire month.  There are over 1,400 home bound deliveries each month. Food is obtained from manufacturers, grocery stores and farmers. 
The meeting was adjourned with the reading of the Four Way Test.