Dick, Allan and Sandra are greeted by Victoria, Baird and Sandy
Our meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance by President Doug Motz, at 12:15 PM, followed by the invocation by Allan Levin. Member Wells Marvin, owner of Old Town La Quinta, introduced his guest and key employee, Tyson Homec.  Visitor, Stacy, of the Indio Club, informed us all of their Bowling Tournament to be held on Nov. 5th.  Jeff Fischbein was introduced as a prospective new member, as was Debbie, a local Windermere Realtor; and Maxiofacial Surgeon, Dr. Arnold.
The Tasteless Joke of the Day was delivered by recent new member, Victoria Llort:  It is as follows: “What did the Banana say to the Doctor?”  Answer: “I’m not Peeling Well!”.  An audible “groan” was expressed by our fellow Rotarians.
Doug Motz informed the group that member Jennifer Donais has completed her generous giving toward her first Paul Harris Recognition, and was suitably applauded and rewarded her Paul Harris Pin.
Foundation Chairman Dick Anderson announced a new Rotary Foundation “Points” program, in which the District will match all cash donations 100%, with cash equivalent points - until November 14th.  Further explanation of this program will be forthcoming.   Merv Kolb contributed 500 Points to be credited toward the future Paul Harris recognition for Victoria Llort and 500 points to his sponsored new member Howard Silverman.  This “Points” program will be quite helpful in accelerating Paul Harris achievement recognition for our newer Rotarians.
Corry Hunter re-stated the need for Rotarian assistance with the upcoming Tour de Palm Springs bicycle race event and program, and members who can assist Corry by their hard work, or donate the use of an SUV or Pickup Truck on the week end of the event- which is an effective fund raiser for our club.  Please see Corry at our next meeting if you can help on this worthwhile project.
In fining activities by Allan Levin, Howard Silverman contributed $5.00 for Merv’s generosity.  Andy Lorenz contributed $20.00 for his recent 2-week cruise to Mexico.  Robert Wilkinson was tagged $5.00 for a “no Rotary Pin” violation; Victoria Llort also donated $5.00 in support of Merv’s generosity.  Joe LaMantia contributed $4.00 in behalf of his grandson’s 1st birthday.
Our speaker for today was John Powell, Jr., a Board Member with the Coachella Valley Water District, who explained the water shortage goals and CVWD’s 26% achievement against Governor Brown’s 36% mandatory cutback.  He also introduced some of his staff and encouraged any of our members to contact his office if we have any questions on this critical program, or who need additional info on the Turf Replacement rebate features.
President Doug adjourned the meeting with the four way test.
Andy Lorenz – Rotary Scribes