Our speaker this day was Rod Vandenbos, the Founder and CEO of Buzzbox.  Rod addressed a very enthusiastic group this day and started off by sharing, “I make alcohol and I brought free samples!”  And it just got better from there…
Rod founded Buzzbox in 2012 right here in the Coachella Valley.  Prior to that Rod worked in the entertainment business for 25 years developing film and television productions and working in and around large venue events.  Rod attributes seeing the long lines of patrons waiting for premium cocktails at these events as the inspiration for the Buzzboxes.
Buzzboxes are basically juice boxes for adults with a little kick!  Buzzboxes are premium cocktails made with fresh, all natural hand crafted ingredients (many coming from right here in the Coachella Valley), top quality spirits (all but the tequila and rum are made at their distillery in Indio, CA.), real juices and all natural flavors.  They NEVER use artificial ingredients or preservatives!  In addition, they are 100% Vegan friendly and kosher.
These pre-mixed, premium cocktails are single-serve and come ready to drink in an eco-friendly, recyclable, and energy efficient package that can be easily stored unrefrigerated for up to 18 months.
Rod and his Vice President of Sales and Marketing Bob Linert recently moved from their Palm Desert corporate offices to the old Target building in Indio just north of the I-10 freeway where they now distill their own premium Vodka, Whiskey and other spirits and manufacture and distribute the Buzzboxes.  Buzzboxes have already received international acclaim and have won several Gold, Double Gold and Platinum SIP Awards, Triple Gold and Gold Microliquor Spirit Awards and the Bronze International Craft Spirit Award.  They currently offer 9 different cocktails which are sold individually or in 4 packs (around $15.00) and can currently be purchased at BevMo!, Total Wines and Whole Foods Markets.  Bob Linert assured us that soon they will be available in many other locations.
Rod made an excellent presentation and his passion and enthusiasm for his product was evident in everything he shared with us.  He also made sure that everyone got free samples prior to leaving the meeting.  Rod told us that his goal was to create a product that he would be proud to serve in his own home.  Well Rod, Lora Cathcart wanted you to know… mission accomplished!
To learn more about Rod, Bob and the Buzzboxes please go to their website at www.buzzbox.com.