Posted by Bruce Cathcart on Dec 08, 2017
Dan, Marc, Rey, Robert and Barry are greeted by Dr. Bruce, Sandy, Diane and Kevin
President-elect Robert called our meeting to order promptly at 12:15 and lead us in the pledge of allegiance. Bob Wright gave the invocation with a special prayer for the all of the first responders and folks affected by the fires now raging in Southern California.
We had a couple visiting Rotarians this day, Denny Davis from Bellevue, Washington
and our good friend Dan Belisky from Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada, (the same club that co-sponsored our international grant for the East Valley Water project).
Our only guests this day were Gordon Kelly, a good friend and guest of Bob Wright and Arnie’s lovely wife Bara.
President-elect Robert made the following announcements/reminders:
Our La Quinta High School Interact club assisted with the City Tree lighting ceremony with 10 volunteers in attendance.
RYLA interviews will begin in January.  Bob Wright and immediate past president Tom Mc”D” both strongly endorsed participation in this great event.  Robert is looking for volunteers to be on the interview committee.
Sandy Stewart shared with us that the Holiday Party was a great success… we actually made us a few bucks this year!  Many thanks again go to Dick and Victory Grund for hosting our event on their Old Town Artisan Studios campus.  This was a fun event that included our very own Kevin Pickett providing holiday music and singing and a delicious catered meal that lacked nothing (except maybe dessert).
Last year’s winner of the Ugly Sweater contest was Ben Anglin shown here next to runner-up Bruce Cathcart.
Sandy also announced that next Friday (12/15) there will be the (now) annual UGLY SWEATER COMPETITION at our meeting.  Members are asked to wear their best or worst Ugly Sweater and be judged by their peers… do not wear an ugly sweater and be judged by the fine master!  This is a fun event and the top 3 Ugly Sweater wearers will win a bottle of wine left over from our recent Holiday Party (valued at almost $3.00 a bottle!).
With the Raffle recently won and there being next to zero in the jackpot, Arnie’s wife Bara drew a white marble and ended up winning the $5 consolation prize (which on this day may have exceeded the actual jackpot!).
Our Fine Master Allan Levin was out shopping for an ugly sweater for next week’s competition and so Bruce “the benevolent” took his place at the podium and began by recognizing himself for his wife Lora’s birthday.  He threw in a buck a year and announced it was a little over twice her usual “29 again” birthday amount.  Not only did Dick Grund generously volunteer the Art Campus for our Holiday Party but he contributed $20 for our Rotary Club being their inaugural formal event (for an outside organization) on their grounds.  Our fine master surmised that it may also be to assuage his minor guilt for his wife winning (for the second event in a row) the beautiful necklace in the raffle so generously donated by President Baird from his store Boucher Fine Jewelry!  Tom Mc D and Joe LaMantia both had a no make-up and then the fines pretty much went down to nickels and dimes from thereon with happy dollars from Bob Wright, Diane Kelly, Dr. Bruce, Kevin, Robert W. and Sandy Stewart (despite being “fine free”) all contributing.
Our speaker this day was Karen Creasey.  Unfortunately the power cord to our projector was missing and so Karen had to present her program without the aid of her usual power point presentation.  Undaunted, she began, “You are in charge of your health.  Many of the decisions you make every day have an impact on your health, wellness and ultimately your quality of life.  There are some aspects of your health that cannot be altered or are outside your control such as family history, genes, and age.  But, by-in-large living a healthy lifestyle and choosing wellness are within reach for most of us.”  Karen is an educational, inspirational, motivational speaker who seeks to empower people to transform their lives by taking charge of their own health and wellness.  What should we eat?  We should drink at least 8 glasses of water each day and we should NOT eat anything with more than 7 ingredients listed on the food product’s packaging label… especially ingredients that we cannot pronounce or have no idea what they are!!!  In addition, we should make our mid-day meal our largest meal rather than eating our largest meal of the day and then doing little or no physical activity before going to bed.  [My suggestion here of course is to do more physical activity after eating… in bed, before going to sleep] How should we exercise?  We should not become sedentary… we must stay active and keep our bodies moving.  Raising your heart rate past the resting rate at least 30 minutes each day and stretching for at least 20 to 30 seconds is most effective.  [Perhaps in bed before going to sleep?]  Karen also shared with the business owners in our group how cost effective a comprehensive health and wellness plan program can be for employees as it can cut down on absenteeism and presentism (showing up for work, but not really having their “head in the game”).  Karen made an excellent and very informative presentation despite the handicap of not having her power point program available.  For more information about Karen please visit her website at
 President-elect Robert called the meeting to a close at 1:30 PM with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart