With the holiday season finally behind us all, the La Quinta Rotarians gathered together for their first meeting of 2013.  President Robert Wilkinson called the 22nd meeting of the 26th year of our La Quinta Rotary Club to order and asked Frank Blum to lead us in the pledge.  This was followed by Allan Levin’s invocation in which he appropriately gave thanks and blessed the cook!           

The “A” team was at the greeting table this week which included Doug Motz taking attendance, Sandy Stewart selling lunch tickets and Cindy Hall selling Raffle tickets.  


President Robert introduced several visiting Rotarians with Dick and Ralph, two of our regulars returning from Washington, an embarrassed Pete Sanders from Wisconsin (whose football team is now a 3 time loser in the Rose Bowl) and Dan Berlisky coming south from the great white north of Alberta, Canada.  Welcome back Ed Casey was in attendance with our only guest this week, his daughter Elizabeth who had just completed her Master’s Degree in disaster management and currently works for the United Nations.  Announcements this week included an update on the upcoming fund raiser this year entitled “STRUTT YOUR MUTT” and although this name may also be in use by others we plan to stick with it this year.  Dave Turner (the new task master) was enlisted to organize the committees necessary to perform the different jobs at our upcoming event and made a quick presentation announcing the various team leaders and their duties.  Thank you, and great job Dave.  Members are encouraged to sign up for a job they like before they are recruited for one they don’t!  As a reminder, the event will be held at the Francis Hack Park (at Eisenhower and Montezuma) on March 23 from 11 to 3.  Corry Hunter updated the club on our participation in the Tour De Palm Springs this year stating that everything was under control but if anyone wanted to volunteer and help out that there is still plenty of time to get involved.  Joe LaMantia remembered to bring the Rotary Direct forms this week and encouraged everyone to sign up and make sure that they check the “Annual Share Program” box on the sign-up sheets.  It was announced that the next board meeting will be held on January 16th at Lee Osborne’s office at 5:30 PM.  And finally Lothar Vasholz gave us a final accounting for our club’s assistance to the Salvation Army’s bell ringing this year.  Our collection was up 15% to total $3,000.00 with one less day of bell ringing!  Great Job Rotarians 

Our guest speaker today, Deborah Shea, was the lucky raffle ticket winner this week but unfortunately for her (but good for the rest of us!) she drew a white marble to win only $5 for her efforts.


The lunch today was the Cactus Grill Penne with chicken, spinach, corn, sweet red peppers and tequila cream as well as the traditional Caesar salad and also offered again was a soup and sandwich… only the soup this week was vegetable beef and the sandwich was extra bread and butter (I guess you could call that a butter sandwich) but no matter you still got a slice of the delicious Hula Pie and that seems to make any lunch GREAT! 

Allan Levin took to the podium and started by auctioning off the fine free badge.  As there are no Rotarians (or spouses) with January birthdays in our club the badge was stolen by Dave Turner for a paltry $20.00. Wes Farris, Corry Hunter, and Sandy Lauer all paid for no make-ups.  Mayor Don Adolph paid (with much pride) for the announcement that the La Quinta Arts Festival was named the #1 Art Festival in the country (wow!).  Dan Fissori and Adrian Gysi both paid for December birthdays… Adrian paying for the second time with $19.00 (the first time was for $83.00!).  Lothar Vasholz paid for his anniversary while happy bucks for winning and losing football and basketball teams were tossed in by too many to mention.  Finally, Bruce Cathcart announced that his daughter (Katie) became engaged to be married on New Year’s to a soldier who is being deployed to Afghanistan in two weeks. 


Our Speaker today was Deborah Shea, RD (Registered Dietician) and her topic was “Give Up Dieting for a Healthier Happier Life”.  Diets (as in crash diets, restrictive diets, gimmick diets, etc.) just don’t work.  95 to 98% of all dieters regain all the weight that they lose within 1 to 5 years! That’s only a 2% success rate.  It is not your fault if you have tried these types of diets and failed… your mind and your body actually works against you!  In Deborah’s case she had lost her battles with diets since her youth.  As she stated, “My mother never read me bedtime stories, instead she read me recipes!”  Her solution was to give up diets and just began to eat healthier foods and moving more with realistic expectations about her weight and herself.  “Healthy versus Hollywood” she says!  Her tips are to eat more intuitively and to strike a balance between not too thin and not too heavy, be comfortable and feel great about yourself.  Slow down and really enjoy your food.  It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to signal your brain that you are full, but by then, most of us have already over eaten.  So stop dieting, honor your hunger, end over eating, and end your preoccupation with eating.  By doing this you will strike a balance that is right for you and be at peace with your body and your body will be at peace with you!  You can learn more about Deborah and her philosophy on diets by going to her website at www.speak4health.com.  Thank you Deborah, after hearing your program I think I enjoyed my piece of Hula Pie just a little bit more than usual today!

President Robert closed out the meeting leading the members in the four way test.