This week was definitely summer’s “last hurrah!”  Daytime temperatures are still around 100 degrees… but the weather girl on TV promises next week we will see the first real signs of fall!  President Robert Wilkinson called the 14th meeting of the 26th year of our La Quinta Rotary Club to order and asked Mr. Anderson to lead us in the pledge.  Two of the three Mr. Andersons were present (Brett and Dick) and as if in stereo and in perfect unison, one from each side of the dining room led the members in the pledge of allegiance.  This was followed by Merv Kolb’s usual eloquent invocation.


At the greeting table this week was Corry Hunter taking attendance, Sandy Stewart selling lunch tickets and our newest member Cindy Hall selling Raffle tickets.  

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President Robert introduced our only visiting Rotarian, a returning visitor for several years now Rick Gross from Wuppertal, Germany, and a guest of Jennifer Donais, (and potential member) a local wealth manager Kurt Morton.  Announcements this week included a reminder that Joe LaMantia is working on the All Desert Rotary Foundation Work Shop to be held on 10/19 at the RED ROBIN in La Quinta (which will be over by the time you read this!); a reminder about the DISTRICT CONFERENCE that runs from 10/26 to 10/28 and starts next Friday October 26 from 5-10 PM where our club will be hosting a hospitality suite; the next board meeting will take place November 14th at 5:30 PM at Lee Osborne’s office (or Corry Hunter’s office if you don’t know where Lee’s office is located). Frank Blum very graciously accepted an invitation to chair this year’s upcoming student 4 way test competition.  Next Saturday 10/27 is the Veteran’s Expo and our Rotary Club will be cooking up the Hot Dogs!  Anyone and everyone are welcome to come out and help.  The event starts at 9 AM at the Riverside County Fairgrounds.  Interested volunteers can contact Bruce Cathcart for maps and more info!  President Robert also announced that our Interact Member of Distinction Hanna McCune would be returning to RYLA this year as an honored Alum.  I am hoping that our scholarship committee chairman is taking special note of this young woman and her commitment to Rotary.

 ImageWelcome Back Ed Casey, without a doubt our club’s luckiest member, was the lucky raffle ticket winner this week (again)… however his luck only went so far as he managed to draw a white marble and win only $5 for his efforts.

Our lovely and talented Cori had one of her children fall off the monkey bars at her school (clearly she is raising dancers like herself and not gymnasts) and so lunch was served by a combination of management and staff in her place. The boys handed out plates of BBQ ribs with fries as well as the traditional salads (which now include a “Cliff House Wedge” w/blue cheese) and of course our own early Halloween treat of their delicious Hula Pie.

Ellen Lavine took to the podium and immediately attacked poor Jennifer Donais for her misspelling of his name in the last weekly newsletter.  Personally I think that Arlin Luveen could have overlooked this small error in as much as writing the newsletter is a relatively thankless job and if Erwin Lawine had ever tried writing the newsletter himself he would know how hard it is to get the name Allan Levin spelled correctly!  Tom McDermott, Lee Osborne and Jimbo Dorr made retribution by way of contribution for no make-ups.  Helen Anderson came up with several excuses why she, our Patron Saint of Rotary Attendance, was listed as having 3 no make-ups, the least of which was having been gone to China for the last several weeks!  Her gallant husband Dick Anderson eventually came to her rescue by paying several “Happy Dollars” for her safe return home. La Quinta City Councilman currently running for re-election Lee Osborne also paid for his wife Nancy’s birthday and Candidate Robert “Bob” Wright running for the DSUSD Board paid for his own birthday.  La Quinta Mayor Don Adolph, also running for re-election paid for yet another picture in the paper (this election year has been great for raising Rotary Bucks!) and this week Lothar Vasholz put his money where his mouth is regarding his Colorado Buffalos playing USC in the PAC 12… he put up $5 per each USC Graduate and is asking for only 12 points.  Good Luck Lothar


A bit of sad news here, our member Phil Rushing will be transferring to the Palm Desert Rotary Club and made a substantial parting contribution.  I know I speak for the entire club when I say, Phil, both you and your pants will be missed!  And finally, 2/3rds of the Bruce Club (Cathcart and Underwood) each made contributions in honor of Steven Bruce Robbin’s memory and for the attendance of so many current and past La Quinta Rotarians, many of which spoke at Steve’s memorial services this past Saturday.


Our Speaker was introduced by Bob Wright today.  Marge Dodge is a very well-spoken and enthusiastic volunteer who had come to speak to us about Martha’s Village and Kitchen.  Most of us were already aware of Martha’s Village and Kitchen, but I think few of us actually knew the extent of the services that they provide to our community.  They are so much more than “just a bed and a meal”.  Their goal is to help less fortunate people who are trying to change their lives and become contributing members of society and self-sufficient.  MV&K gives these folks “everything they need to help build a self-sufficient life with dignity” which involves numerous programs including their two week mandatory program “Challenge to Change”, plus individual counseling and case management, education, preschool and day care services, a free clinic (the largest in Riverside County), and polydenominational spiritual guidance all with an emphasis on the family unit.  All this in addition to providing “Transitional Housing” (120 beds) and over 225,000 meals a year!  We were told that they have a 91% success rate with families and a 77% success rate with individuals.  In addition, $.83 of every dollar goes directly to these services.  Joining Marge was MV&K Staff member Jimmica Guess who helped with the Q&A that followed their presentation.  When asked how we can help we were told that any contribution of our “Time, Talent or Treasures” would be greatly appreciated.  We learned so much more than is covered in these few lines here so if you missed this wonderful presentation or would like to learn more about Martha’s Village and Kitchen, please go to their website at


 President Robert closed out the meeting leading the members in the four way test.