President Sandy Stewart called the meeting to order at 12:15pm We said Pledge of Allegiance and Dick Anderson gave the invocation.


Our guests this week were two men from other clubs- Bob Russell from the Indio Sunrise Club who is also the Assistant Governor and Don Wile from the Coachella Valley club.  Merv Kolb introduced his guest Karen.

Dick Anderson gave kudos to Sandy Stewart for her work in getting all 14 clubs in the valley behind the Water Project through the President’s club.  We are currently slightly north of $31,000.00 in contributions from all sources.  We will complete the Galilee Center project, water filters for four trailer parks and back up filters.  July 29th will be the Grand Opening of the Galilee Center and all Rotarians are welcome to attend.

Dick Anderson, as foundation chair, made a presentation to Bruce Franklin, Paul Harris plus 3.  Thank you on behalf of the club and the Foundation.

Key Dates and Announcements

Special Board Meeting July 31st at 5:30 Lee Osborne’s Office- adding membership categories.    Regular Board Meeting August 14th at 5:30 at same location.

Raffle- Our $5 winner this week was  Bill Cosgrove.   He was the winner of $5 which he graciously donated back to the club.

Save the Date- Social Gathering- Cathedral City- July 25th- Share Kitchen.  Palm Desert Rotary having taco mixer July 30th at Tommy Bahamas- $10 at the door- 5-7.  Coachella East Club will have its golf tournament September 16th at Mountain View Country Club.

Flamingoes are on the fly………


Helen Anderson and Dick Anderson presented a flag to President Sandy from the Kauai Rotary club which they attended while vacationing there last week.  Helen added that it is so important to reach out and do Rotary makeups wherever you may be traveling in the future.  It is fun and beneficial to bring back some experiences and to share what you have learned.  Dick and Helen also brought back a flyer from the Kauai Rotary Club listing their club's accomplishments and showing scholarships, community events, and also their fundraisers- pretty impressive for a small club, and perhaps something that our club could consider doing as well.

We have received several thank you cards from our scholarship recipients - all of the students were very thankful for the opportunity that our club has provided for them.

Bruce Cathcart, filling in for our Sergeant at Arms who reportedly is at Comic Con in his spandex Spider Man suit again this year, took to the podium, and collected from the very few individuals in the crowd in way of birthdays, anniversaries, and happy dollars:  Andy Lorenz for celebrating his birthday.  Dick and Helen Anderson both contributed some happy dollars for their trip to Hawaii. Bruce Underwood contributed for his excitement in being the Membership Director for the new Rotary year.  He asked for feedback and suggested that each current member contribute by finding at least one potential member to bring to a meeting this year.  Bill Cosgrove contributed his winnings back.   Bruce Cathcart contributed some happy dollars to promote a men’s only cooking class known as “Men in the Kitchen” held monthly at “Cooking with Class” (behind Walgreens on Washington and 49th).


Merv Kolb was our speaker today.  He spoke about his journey with Parkinson’s.  It started 10 years ago with a tremor in his left hand.  Last year his right hand started to tremor also.  There is no blood test for this disease but doctors look for tremors, slowness in speech, movement, etc.   Parkinson’s affects the movements of the body when there is a loss of dopamine because the nerve cells break down.    Bruce Underwood spoke a bit about nutritional supplements that may help with increasing dopamine.   He has a questionnaire that can help assess whether you are low in dopamine. Parkinson’s is progressive but is usually a slow moving disease.   It affects men and women equally.  Merv currently isn’t taking any medication because it has had terrible side effects for him. We thank Merv for his willingness to share with us his personal story and help to educate us all about this disease.         

  Sandy Stewart closed the meeting with the Four Way Test.