President Robert opened the meeting at 12:15, announcing that this day marks the 30th meeting of the Club this Rotary year.  Following the Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation, visiting Rotarians and guests were introduced.  Several of the visitors shared that this meeting will be their last for this season at our club, and expressed gratitude for our friendship and camaraderie this past few months.  Among them were frequent visitors Bob Kimpton, Ellensburg, WA, and J. Chamberlain, Northshore Club, Bothell, WA. Second time local visitor, Baird Bouchee, a potential new member and guest of Robert Wilkinson, was with us. (Baird has recently opened a new retail jewelry business in La Quinta).

Announcements were made concerning our annual Rotary participation as the hot dog vendors at the City Picnic, which was held on Saturday, April 27th, where we cooked and donated 1200 hot dogs and their condiments to many grateful local neighbors in attendance.

A Club Board of Directors Meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 15th, 5:30 PM, at Lee Osborne's office.  Joe LaMantia solicited any members who could assist in meeting and greeting departing and arriving attendees at the Camp RYLA event.  Call Joe for times and dates to man the bus stop locations to cheer-on the participants.

Bruce Cathcart introduced 7 distinguished young women of the Desert Cities (Scholarship) Program. Polly Longman will represent the group at their convention in Bakersfield.  President Robert reported visiting his 90 year old Mother-in-Law at her home in Oregon on her Birthday, and claims to have counted 45 Elk on her front lawn.  An interesting observation, Robert!  We didn't know you could count that high!

Doug Motz drew a white marble in today's raffle (which if won, would bring the winner over $1000!!) Should make for a humdinger of a raffle next Friday!!

Allan Levin took the microphone and found Bill Cosgrove guilty of a no-make-up, for $5.00; David Turner was caught arriving late, and sneaked by with only a $2.00 fine; Sandra Lauer was also adjudged late by the Finemaster, which she disputed - to no avail. Her friend, David Turner, covered her judgement. (Your'e too kind, David.)  President Elect Sandy Stewart, Marc Rosen, LeRoy Anderson and Doug Motz, as a foursome, won Rotary division of the recent Palm Desert Rotary Club Golf Tournament! Great going La Quintan's!   As Captain of our LQ Rotary Team, Sandy was fined $2.00.  Bruce Cathcart was fined $5.00 for some perceived petty infraction related to his claimed botched introduction of the Desert Cities Young Women's Group.  President Robert paid $5.00 for a ringing cell phone. LeRoy Anderson somehow ducked-out on attending the recent "Strut Your Mutt Dog Show", and volunteered to part with $20.00 for that.  Finally, Walter Keating was snared for $5.00 for being adorned with a too-brite tie!




Several of our RYLArians from La Quinta H.S. made us proud with their 15 minute, eloquent high praise of the RYLA program and its "life-changing " effects on them. The RYLArians also announced that they had completed packaging 20,000 emergency meals at camp this year for needy beneficiaries of this great Rotary program.


The meeting was finalized in the usual manner with President Robert leading the recital of the 4-Way Test.