President Robert led the Pledge of Allegiance at 12:15 PM, followed by the Invocation by Lothar Vasholz.  Visiting Rotarians included Mel Wick, Gig Harbor, WA, Bob Woodward, Reedsville, NC, Diane Stauber, Stockton, CA, Sue Rader and Ben Klotz, Edmonton, Alberta, Bob Becker, Bellingham, WA and Robin Martin, Lake Forest, NH.  Special guests of Mayor Don Adolph, and today's speakers, were La Quinta City Manager, Frank Spevacek, and City Finance Director, Robbeyn Bird.

Dave Humphreys, President of the Indian Wells Rotary Club, was given the floor to announce his Club's upcoming special fund raiser, honoring Monty Hall, featuring Norm Crosby and Trini Lopez, with singer, Jack Jones.  The event supports local students and scholarships.  Date of the event is to be held Sunday, January 20th, 5:00 PM, at the Miramonte Hotel.  Invitations were on our lunch tables at today's meeting.  Interested attendees may register on-line at: "". Cost is $150/pp, of which $100 is tax deductible as a gift to Indian Wells Rotary Club charities.

Our own La Quinta Rotary Club fundraiser, the first annual, La Quinta Rotary "Strut-Your-Mutt" Dog Show, will be held on Saturday, March 23, 2013.  This exciting family event will be publicized on a special web site (name to be announced), and publicized in the newspapers and other media.  It is our principal fundraiser for this year.  More information later!

Helen Anderson confirmed that she and husband, fellow Rotarian, Dick Anderson, are leaving shortly for another Rotary excursion to Guatemala in behalf of the Rotary Literacy Project.  Judith Redwine was thanked and named a "Special Angel" for her considerable financial and other support contributed to this activity.  The Andersons are contributing $2500.00 in sponsorship of a school in Guatemala.  Through the generosity of club members, our club will provide five sports bag packages to be presented to the schools when they receive their textbooks.

The La Quinta Arts Foundation's annual, "L.Q. Arts Festival", recently received the very high honor of being named the #1 Art Show in the United States.   Rotarians will again be asked to participate and help out at the Festival this year, to be held at Civic Center Park, March 8th-10th.  More information will be forthcoming on our roles in this year's event. 

President Robert announced his son, Kyle's, challenge to all of us "out-of-shape" Rotarians to do 50,000 push-ups in 2013!  One of our Rotarians commented from the audience that he would start with 1, and work up!    The Friday Raffle was 'won' by Diane Kelly, a $5.00 'white marble' prize. 

Allan Levin, our able Fine Master, set about his duties, beginning his financial extractions by tapping Lee Osborne for 1 'no-makeup', Brett Anderson and Bill Cosgrove for 2 'no-make-ups' -$10.00/ each.

Judith Redwine was snagged $20.00 for 3 meeting misses, and a late fee for today's tardiness.

Dick Jandt was clipped $10 for being late.

Walter Keating's annual Clinton/Humana Golf Tournament Open House for the golf tournament gallery, at his home in PGA West, will be available, near the 10th green of the course.  On-street parking in the area of Keating's gorgeous home, at 79-705 Arnold Palmer Drive (Get a Google Map or use your GPS).  Thanks to Walter for his Generosity!  Saturday, the 19th of January, is the last day of play on the course near Walter's .

Victory and Dick Grund were congratulated on their outstanding recent fundraiser, and Dick tossed in $5 in thanks for a Seattle football victory.

An un-named lady - visiting Rotarian, popped up with a suggestion that all Rotarians try to steer their travels to Evanston, IL, and be sure to arrange a personal tour of the World Headquarters of Rotary.  She even was invited to sit in the Rotary President's chair during her visit!

Mayor Adolph introduced our speakers, La Quinta City Manager, Frank Spevacek, ably assisted by LQ City Financial Director, Robbeyn Bird. 


The mayor outlined Mr. Spevacek's outstanding resume' of higher education and broad experience in municipal finance and in running his own nationally known consulting business advising cities in many areas of the country in management of their affairs.  The daunting challenges of running a fast growing city like La Quinta, and reflecting the our City Council's vision, as the city climbs out of a nagging recession, developing strategies for dealing with Governor Brown and the state bureaucracy and its own special needs and challenges, comprise more than a full time job for our City Manager and his hardworking staff! 

Mr. Spevacek and Ms. Bird quite brilliantly wove us through the ins and outs of city finance , budget balancing and staffing  in an era when the city's' reserve funds, and even much of our high value real estate - set aside for future city growth, are all at risk of being 'absorbed' by the needs of the State of California.  Particularly interesting was the discussion of the very small percentages of such things as the "TOT" (transient occupancy tax) generated by hotels and private property rentals that ever actually end up in the city's bank accounts.  The city's employees now pay 8% from their own salaries to fund their future retirement incomes.  The long term future of our great asset, Silver Rock, and the direction of its future expansion, is a large challenge-and opportunity for the city as we grow.

Bruce Cathcart commented in praise of the City Manager and his staff for real signs of progress in the few months the city has been under their stewardship.

Meeting was closed by President Robert with the recitation of the Rotary Four Way Test.